Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Camp Sawi Not A Hugot Movie

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At first I was not interested about this movie until teasers came out one after the other. My first take basing it on the title and the clips? This might be another hugot, emote, pabebe film which is super uso nowadays, you'll wake up to it everyday on social media. Then I was invited to their mall show in Market Market Taguig and was given a chance for an interview with the Camp Sawi ladies namely Kim Molina, Yassi Pressman, Arci Munoz and Bela Padilla (Andi Eigennman was not feeling well that time- absent)

So anyway during the conversations, yup we don't do interviews we are like chatting, that is how we do it, the ladies shared their thought about their break-ups and said the hurt must be felt so one could be able to move on, that they wanted a real Camp Sawi for people who would be needing a support group because they said no one even your closest friends would be able to understand what you are feeling because every pain is different from the other. What surprised me as Bela Padilla said this is not a hugot film, why? Because a small percentage of the movie only tackled the pain and suffering, this is more of the beauty of moving on, on how someone could actually realize and see better things despite their bad relationship endings.

So that what males this film exciting and interesting at the same time, they captured my attention and I will definitely want to see this on August 24 in cinemas, if you are from Cebu catch their premiere night at the SM Seaside Cebu on August 22nd, and Manila premiere on August 23rd at SM Megamall.

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