Friday, August 26, 2016

Camp Sawi, Wagi For Their Story

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I am still overwhelmed of how beautiful this movie is. It was really true from the interviews I did with them especially Bela Padilla that this movie will not dwell on the heartaches and problems, it did show the beauty of moving on, the beauty of Bantayan Island in Cebu and the beauty of new friendships. This is for everyone, whatever the state of your heart is, the maturity of this film will teach you so many lessons in life. The roles really suits the ladies, if it as if it was meant for them all along, and if I may, I wanted to commend Bela Padilla's acting, it was superb, she already got my attention when she was still with "Ang Probinsyano" but here in Camp Sawi, my admiration for her in terms of acting made me whisper in my seat "Grabe and galing ni Bela". You see, I am not in any state sad or heart broken, I am actually happy but, I felt Bela's emotions in the film, it's as if my husband left me too, argh! Please do watch the movie, go get everyone of your friends I am getting mine to watch it again since I wasn't able to fully grasp some lines because watching it during the premiere with everyone feeling excited and overwhelmed, there will be clapping in scenes that took our breaths and made us laugh, so yeah, yes for a repeat! Promise, I do not say this often with other movies but this one is really for everyone, let us not loose this chance of seeing a quality film which doesn't rely on a love team to make it a hit. Camp Sawi weekend shall we?

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