Friday, August 26, 2016

Mighty Mom: Going For The Switch

Posted by Misis Nikole  |  at   12:57 PM

As a homemaker I am very particular with the products I use at home especially now that we have a toddler. I am more concious of both the quality and the price, if it suits our needs and our budget, but I can also be an immediate loyal consumer once a product really delivers and stats true to its promise regardless if it is pricey than the rest of its competitors. I am not really familiar with Mighty Mom as a dishwashing liquid, you see we use the one that is advertised and it is effective as well but a few years back I had a skin irritation and had to stop using it, although it is still part of our grocery list ot was used in the household but not by me. I searched for another dishwashing liquid which is organic and you know how expensive "organic" is, so yeah I had to buy my own which means an added cost to the budget. So going back to Mighty Mom, during the media launch I have no doubt about it being a grease cutter since we did some demo and the price really suits the budget, my question was if it will be mild on my hands. As explained, Mighty Mom only uses products which are safe, they do not use the ones that has been banned and tagged as unsafe in other countries as well and they do not use china-brand ingridients. But of course the mildness depends on every persons skin which I totally understand, and I was hoping that it would work with my skin irritation so that we can switch and just buy this one product than having a separate one for me. So we took home goodies of Mighty Mom variants and I was asked to try it for a week and let them know through this blog of what my findings are, here it goes.

1. I like Mighty Mom's scent, it is not that strong and it smells fresh but when placed in the rack the scent disappears which is completely ok because who wants scented rice or adobo together with your plate right?
2. It still cuts through grease even when you mix it with water, yay for the budget and the quantity, I smell more savings.
3. And yes it really mild and gentle with my hands. With out old brand, after every wash I would feel like the inside of my skin has a burning sensation then after a few hours it will itch then have those little blisters. But with Mighty Mom, I was surprised, not a tiny bit of itchiness. I do hope the very beautiful family from KOHL will be able to read this, and yes we are switching, thanks goodness for this Mighty Mom!

Also, they are on Buy One Take One promo that so far it doesn't have a time frame so go get yours while there is more, Mighty Mom is available in most leading supermarkets and groceries, yes the ones in the malls too. :-)

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