Thursday, August 4, 2016

Nido 3+ Check The Label Campaign

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As a first time mom, it was tough to make decisions for my baby, I would always ask my pedia, family and friends for recommendations and tips, but because they have a lot to say and sometimes contradicting, I got confused on which ones to follow and what really is effective. Reading online articles also added up a little stress in the quest to know and give what is best for my baby, I am always careful and question myself many times if what I was doung was right, and mostly ended up feeling upset because I think I did not do well.

As I was invited by Nido to welcome their newest endorser Sarah Lahbati, I got excited since she is also a first time mom and would love to know her experience of being one especially having both her mom and mom-in-law who guides her. A question was asked: What if there were suggestions given by both her mom and mom-in-law who would she follow? Sarah answered: Myself! And then it dawned on me, of course myself, that is the best answer and sometimes the best thing to do is trust your instincts and I believe that mothers are the best ones to decide what's best for their babies.

That is why Nido encourages all the moms out there to check the labels of products especially the food and milk that we give them, take time to read and understand because the health of our kids rely on the food they intake. And of course Nido is very proud to be giving the best milk for kids 3 years and up, it is perfect for very active and curious babies to nurture their mind and body, always check the label to feel assured that we are giving the beat for our kids.

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