Friday, August 19, 2016

Shake and Freeze Your Way to McDonald's

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It is back! Oh not as if it was absent but our favorite McDonald's French Fries that I personally deep in their yummy gravy has an exciting treat for us! Say hello to McDonald's Shake Shake Fries and yes they have 3 flavors for us to devour with friends and family. We got to try them during the Shake and Freeze Media Party held at the McDonald's store, The Forum, BGC where we had some games and raffles before we were served with freshly fried french fries ready to be shaken by the super yummy BBQ, Creamy Cheddar and Garlic Butter (my personal fave). Shaking them up is so fun and exciting knowing that after the shaking is the tasting. And it does not end there, of course drinks should be next and the best pair for this is the McFreeze oh yes I chose Royal and of cpurse there is Coke too. Super amazing tandem, so when tou go visit your fave McDonald's store remember to Freeze and Shake ayt!

P.S. Amazing Jing and I were part of the 6 winners who did the shake and freeze game. Yay!

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