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JaDine On Their New Forever Love

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I have been with James Reid and Nadine Lustre a couple of times already, had pictures and interviews with them as well, but this was the first event wherein I saw them with their fans. I am also a JaDine fan of course and I am thankful to get to meet them up close, but to see other fans loving them even from afar is a different story, a story of pure love for JaDine. After the fans day for the launch of their new forever love from Jollibee, I realized why people wants to stay and wait to see them, becasue the hashtag #TeamReal is really for real, they have the sparks in their eyes, the kilig smiles and they are just as they are, they don't need to caress each other the whole time just to make people believe because just by looking at them up on stage, you will know that it is real. And aside from being real, they are so game as well, they interact with their fans and play games with no arte at all. Oh they are loved because they love them (fans) bavk as well. Now I understand more of their chemistry and why they are one of the leading love teams, they are just so real.

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#TeamReal, Jollibee throws kilig get-together at SM Mall of Asia

To celebrate their new Forever Love, James Reid and Nadine Lustre (popularly known as the on- and off-screen love team JaDine), together with Jollibee, the nation’s number one fastfood brand, surprised their avid followers with the New Forever Love Fans Day on August 3, 2016 at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall in Pasay City.

Filled with special performances and fun activities, the event also allowed JaDinenians to ask their idols about their relationship, where the love birds gamely revealed the sweet and spicy side of their relationship since being officially together over five months ago.

James shared that Nadine has done a lot of things that he finds so sweet like the surprises she prepared for his last birthday. For her part, Nadine says James is also sweet in his own way, and what she finds as the sweetest gesture he did for her was when he wrote a song for her.

Aside from enjoying kilig moments, the two added that their being both fun-loving and adventurous further spices up their relationship.

“We have been traveling a lot together for work and being able to do a lot of adventures during these travels really adds spice to our relationship. Our latest one was when we went to New York where we were able to do a lot of things. Adding excitement to our relationship as well is the difference in our personality – like she’s a morning person while I am an evening person – so there’s the challenge of finding middle ground to make it work,” said James.

JaDine said that they also bond a lot over food such as their #NewForeverLove – the NEW Sweet-Spicy BBQ Burger Steak, which is made of 100 percent pure beef patty topped with Sweet-Spicy BBQ sauce and corn kernels and served with steamed rice. Prior to the newest twist to the leading fastfood chain’s well-loved Burger Steak, JaDine had also shared kilig moments over the Jollibee Classic Burger Steak, which they have dubbed as their “Forever Love.”

“We love both the Classic and the Sweet-Spicy BBQ Burger Steak. It is also real to say that ‘sweet-spicy’ describes the kind of relationship that we have now – nakaka-kilig sa sweet and delightfully spicy,” said Nadine.

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